Old Fart Club
Club for Politically Incorrect People


The Old Fart Club is a place for friends to meet where they can share old times, make plans for the future and just have fun.

We hope that some of our shared memories and plans for the future will inspire you. We encourage you to join our little group and share some of your memories and future plans. You don’t have to be old to be a member.  After all, it is just a state of mind.

Some of the pages are fact and some are fiction, but hopefully you will have fun and maybe smile as you check out the pages.


Old Fart Club Resort – A fictional resort for old farts.

Old Fart Says - Things only Old Farts Say

Staff – A group of highly dedicated, hard working, unpaid people.

Old Fart Club Members – A list of the “old farts” in our little club.

Guestbook - A page to leave your thoughts and comments.

Join the Club – Enrollment form.  Don’t forget to submit your ideas and share your old fartisms. You don't have to join to make a submission!

Donations - It is what it is!!!!

Blues and Que - Something a little different!

    Old Farts Rule!!!

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